Ally Curtis longs to have additional acreage in order to house the many stray animals she cares for. But when a friend from the past moves in next door, she discovers that getting the land is only part of the challenge. A kiss from Cody Williams years earlier has her fighting feelings she simply doesn’t have the room in her heart for.

A rodeo injury has Cody careful about the kind of activities he gets involved in, but keeping Ally and her property safe becomes his first priority when foul play shows up. An impending aneurism keeps Cody from doing too much exertion but this secret has potential to wither bring the two of them together, or to silence the budding romance for good.

Told with sentimentality and kitty cuddles, Reuniting with the Cowboy is a story about the importance of true friendship before romance, and the benefits of telling the truth. I highly recommend this adorable novel.