Gena Satterfield promises to keep a secret for her dying sister that nobody can ever know about. Moving to Gabriel’s Crossing, Gena longs to settle back into her hometown in order to give her teenage nephew, Derrick, some stability after his mother’s untimely death. But when her own teenage crush show up, she finds in nearly impossible to keep her sister’s secret.

Quinn Buchanon struggles to make sense of a football injury that robbed him of his dream and torments him with daily pain. After isolating himself for years, Quinn discovers that his need for pain pills is coming between the desire to connect with an old friend who moves in next door. Her nursing expertise makes her especially keen on what is happening with Quinn. And what he discovers about Gena’s carefully guarded secret changes everything.

Lone Star Dad deals with the very real struggle of becoming hooked on prescription medication. I appreciate the author’s courage in reminding her readers that even Christians wrestle with real life vices. I highly recommend this story. This happy ending did not disappoint.