David Foster has suffered the rejection of two fiancés due to the care his sister Darla requires after she sustained brain damage. Being Darla’s only family member left, David makes sure to keep her sister as safe as he can by placing a protective wall around his sister and as well as his own heart.

But when Susannah Wells enters the scene as Darla’s caregiver, she introduces a new way of looking at things by fighting for Darla’s rights above David’s perceived protection. The special way she cares for Darla captures David’s affection, making him want to be the husband and wife she’s always deserved. But with baggage of her own, including a divorce and pregnancy she never anticipated, Susannah’s view of herself falls terribly short. David’s own walls begin to chip away as he professes his love for a woman who simply can’t receive it.

A Baby by Easter was a delight, revealing beautiful facets of God’s love through the brokenness we all experience by simply being human. I highly recommend this novel for anybody who might be questioning God’s unconditional love.