Simon Adams tries hiding away in his mountain cabin so that he can grieve the loss of his wife in peace. But when a group of kids move in next door for a week of summer camp, Simon has a hard time keeping his boundaries in place. Unwilling to engage in the kind of life he had when his wife was alive, the rowdy bunch of kids with hurts of their own, begin luring him back into a life of joy.

Shanna White serves as the camp leader. Her sunny disposition and determination to include Simon in the fun stirs new hope for both of them. But when her painful past unfolds during a summer storm, Shanna is fearful of letting Simon see her for who she really is.

I enjoyed each of the characters in this story, every child had their own lesson to teach. The chemistry between Simon and Shanna was playful and believable. I highly recommend Hometown Sweetheart if you’re up for a little campfire fun.