Dr. Tyler Grainger returns to Little Horn, Texas in order to fulfill a vow he made before starting his medical career in the big city. But when he runs into Eva Brooks, the girl he used to watch out for when they were kids, everything about her unassuming beauty has him second guessing everything about his future plans.

Eva Brooks tries earning her keep as a Nanny for one of the town’s most-loved families, but her own barrenness acts as a painful reminder that she will never be able to have children of her own. And when her feelings for the handsome doctor grow, Eva does everything she can to avoid them, knowing that Tyler would never be happy with a woman who could not provide him with the family he’s always wanted.

There was such a sweetness about the romance between the hero and heroine in this story. Bale did a wonderful job placing the baby in scenes that showed the true motivation of each character. I highly recommend this tender romance. It has just enough town intrigue to keep the pages turning.