Tessa Pierce moves away from the big city in order to erase the painful memories of a divorce that keeps her from ever trusting love again. But when Morgan Harper invites her on as his new assistant, Tessa can’t help but wonder if the man will ever be able to get over his late wife. The two stay guarded in their own ways, Morgan burying himself in work and Tessa unable to entertain feelings that keep stirring for the man who is supposed to be her boss. But Morgan’s daughter, Poppy, becomes the glue that creates a family neither one of them have the heart to believe in anymore.

Told with wholesome heart tugs and around-the-table family fun, Falling for Her Boss was an absolute delight. The chemistry between Tessa and Poppy was strong and believable, making it natural for Morgan to fall in love with the woman who won his little girl over. I came away remembering that God has always been in the business of providing us with second chances.