There is so much an artist must overcome in order to get to the end of a project. That project can amount to a number of things, such as: writing a novel, creating a sculpture, tackling a business venture, or planning to travel across the country. Anybody who is brave enough to grow in some way, whether through the pursuit of art, or by starting a venture they wished they’d started years ago, they are going to run into a road block or two. But failed finances and blank computer screens do not compare to the power of the internal resistance we all face.

In this eye-opening account, Pressfield masterfully unveils the secret of this destructive force, finally giving the reader the kind of resilience needed in order to reach the very end of a project. I highly recommend this book for anybody who has found the need to get themselves out of their own way. Pressfield provides tangible tips in beating the procrastination that is the death of any and all inspiration.