Trixie Stone, a freshman in high school, gets her heart broken and her innocence stolen by the only boy she’s ever really loved. A simple night filled with intoxication and games too grown up for a girl her age leads Trixie down the path of a horrifying examination followed by the painful shun of her peers. Worst of all, the undoable circumstances hold no promise of winning Jason back. And what transpires through the weeks of police investigations after Jason is accused of raping Trixie sends her ex-boyfriend away forever.

Daniel Stone, as a stay-at-home father, entertains the demons of his past through the outlet of creating comics. After hearing about the incident involving his daughter, he tries desperately to help Trixie heal. But the fracture of his own life with a crumbling marriage, caused by his wife’s infidelity, only complicates things leaving Daniel to run on an instinct had proven to be dangerous in the past.

The author clearly did her homework for this piece. I found every character’s journey both relatable and believable, and while the content was disturbing at times, I was not disappointed by the way things played out. I always love learning about a new landscape while I’m being entertained. This story was rich and though provoking, which is something Picoult always delivers.