Book two of the Wings of Glory series delivered the same story magic as book one. Major Jack Novak has always loved a challenge, and as a top ranking officer, his efforts are usually met without a hitch. But when a striking young woman crosses his path while serving as his nurse, Novak finds winning her heart much harder than following simple procedures. Lieutenant Ruth Doherty works hard as a military nurse to keep her family back home supported, which leaves no room for romance. But when the handsome Novak arrives with genuine kindness and respect for her boundaries, she can’t help but fall for his charm.

While the torrents of World War II take a toll on each of these characters and their love life, every challenge strengthens their faith in the Lord, which in turn, positions them for the possibility of a forever kind of love. Sundin does a wonderful job with character development, bringing me up and through the same conclusions in my own life.

A good historical romance always educates her reader with snippets of the past and a nostalgia that wouldn’t otherwise be experienced. I am thoroughly enjoying this series, and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.