A delightful read right from the beginning, Simonson’s prose tickled my senses and drew deep empathy for her lead character, Major Ernest Pettigrew. Grieving the passing of his brother, the Major finds himself confronted with all that goes along with the unpredictability of inheritance and emotions. The family’s history, social drama, a properly brewed cup of tea, and the interest of a woman he’s forbidden to give a second look to, provide plenty of plot points along the way.

I loved this author’s use of language and the beauty she showcased with regards to the last season of a person’s life. Her descriptions were detailed but not too lengthy, and each of her characters were well casted and memorable. The Major’s desire for love was palpable, and the conflicts that kept the two apart very realistic, making me want to keep reading.

This was our book club’s choice for the month, and I recommend it for other books clubs as well. I imagine we will have a lively discussion about the social conflicts that are indeed a real part of our world’s chronicles.