Whitney Monroe has more to think about than just her own investment in a high-end restaurant threatening to go belly up. She has employees that need this job, and each one is depending on her. But when she discovers an inheritance calling her away from the stress of life, Whitney takes the opportunity to visit North Carolina and uncover the truth about her family’s past. The Excelsior, the building she’s inherited, comes with a lot of clean up, and a step-father that only deepens the pain of losing her mother.

A love triangle between two men, both seeming to have their own interest in the historic building, have Whitney unsure of who to trust. Sifting through trinkets has Whitney hopeful about getting the quick cash she needs in order to save her business back home, but memories prove complicated, and a series of old letters reminds Whitney about who she really is underneath all that stress.

A delightful read, I recommend this book for anybody who has the time to walk through the nostalgia of sifting through their own past. The characters were relatable and the ending satisfying.