Shame is something that affects us all. And according to Thompson, a lot of the messages we receive are hard wired during the formative years, long before we are able to put our feelings to words. Because of this, our reaction to shame is something that gets processed neurologically, and we don’t have a lot of control over the messages that fire at us throughout any given day. His theory is that Adam and Eve, the likely culprits to such a breakdown, contributed to this fallen state of our being. Thompson offers a detailed explanation of this process, as well as the remedy for such hardwired behavior. Being able to recognize when shame attacks is key to battling the negative ramifications. A simple tally mark can be just enough to make us conscious enough to change the course of our thoughts.

While a lot of this material was over my head, I was still able to follow his thought process all the way through. In my opinion, his theology is spot on. Thompson helped me connect with areas of my life where shame keeps me from being real. This book was well worth my time and I recommend it for anybody brave enough to battle shame in their own lives. God promised a life of abundance. Shame has no place.