512UgyKuCaL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_In this refreshing look at what it means to nurture our souls, Pastor Judah Smith invites us to slow down and consider what it really means to be at peace amidst the chaos of this world. His casual tone and off-the-cuff humor make it easy to embrace the idea that our souls were made for God alone. Packed with examples from the Bible, this book provides conviction without judgment, allowing Smith to reach a range of people from seekers to long-time followers of Christ.
Smith starts by having us consider what it really means to come home. We are given permission to be as messy as humans can be, knowing that God loves us right where we are. Jesus is introduced as our only hope and as the only true anchor. Peace comes with true fellowship with the God who made us. As a result, we are able to step into the kind of effective life we were meant to live. Smith provides a clear perspective on what really matters in life, as well as the kind of re-alignment we all need from time to time.
I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, and I would highly recommend it for anybody who feels all tied up in knots. Smith provides, what I believe to be, the only true answer.