511e1crhknl-_sx313_bo1204203200_The little Irish town of Shancarrig provides an unforgettable landscape for this drama to unfold. Binchy creates the setting much like she would a character, which is brilliant. Told in omniscient POV, this story provides just the right amount of information for each character and each family unit represented. There are shocking twists throughout the piece that pull at a reader’s empathy. And I loved the way one character’s story would intersect with another.

Binchy has an extraordinary way of getting inside of her characters and her description could be felt. I did, however, find the story a little slow for my taste, and I felt bogged down with the amount of characters cast. There were too many to keep track of. It could have something to do with the fact that I didn’t have a large block of time to read it from cover to cover. Getting through it started to feel more like a chore than a delight.

There was so much I enjoyed about her writing that I would like to give her another try. I recommend this book for anybody looking to slow down and enjoy the lush Irish landscape. Her characters were quite charming as well.