three-proposalsMarianne Seaton has three suitors to choose from. One man, chosen by her father, who happens to be twice her age, couldn’t be more of a bore. Then there is another who seems to be better as far as sensibilities go. But nobody can tug at Marianne’s heartstrings like the dark and elusive Elias. He is the one man Marianne’s father forbids her to marry. She knows he’s the wrong man for her, especially since he seems to only want her money. But her heart cannot stop entertaining thoughts of being near him.

This was my first regency romance, and I was hooked. I found myself eager to find out what would happen with a couple so primally attracted one another. I am not one who normally reads what some might consider steamy romances. Campbell treated the more intimate scenes with great care and a lot of taste.

I recommend this novel for anybody wanting visit a time period that provides the perfect vocabulary for romantic love. I found Campbell’s expression exquisite and I look forward to reading more books just like this one.