51mvont35lThis story had me laughing right from the first page. Told through the eyes of Cupid, a tomcat with hopelessly romantic tendencies, the plot unfolds with the inciting incident making itself known through a deadbeat of a boyfriend and his sticky fingers. My Lady, Cupid’s owner, must get rid of Cat Hater, her current gentleman caller. But because My Lady lacks the fortitude to do so, Cupid comes to the rescue.

The antics of this feline keep the reader glued to the page and wondering just how much our domestic pets really pay attention to our daily lives. When Cupid sees the potential of a new romantic suitor next door, he does what any desperate cat would do. Cupid forces his way into the heart of this potential new beau named Craig. Cupid’s careful calculations are met with obstacles any cat would run into. But it is the determination to set things right for his much-deserved owner that keeps him from giving up.

This story tickled my funny bone all the way through. It was written with panache and just enough catnip to make the journey intoxicating. I highly recommend this novella for any animal lover out there who would love a peek into the perspective of our beloved house guests.