51b6m2tqh7l-_sx314_bo1204203200_Renee Gray works hard to protect her daughter from a failed marriage and an outlaw of a father. But when Rusty Calhoun stumbles onto the scene, with a bullet wound and the need for assistance, Renee finds herself vulnerable to the fairy tale Tessie has made him out to be. The little girl is convinced that Rusty is a prince who has come to the rescue, carrying a message from her very own father.

Tronstad has created a delightful story in which both Renee and Rusty have a hard time trusting love again. The perceived guilt of Rusty and his brother Eric, due to a mysterious thieving of cattle, plants even more reservations in Renee’s mind about a possible future with this man. But as the story moves forward, Rusty’s integrity shines and Renee continues to lose reasons for pushing him away.

This was a beautiful romance planted in a setting of warmth and hopeful anticipation. I highly recommend this sweet story for anybody looking to get lost in an ideal frame of mind. I look forward to reading more Love Inspired romances.