41stmr9elgl-_sx329_bo1204203200_Lincoln O’Neill, a man too old to be living with his mother, struggles to find meaning and purpose in a life that seems stuck in so many other ways too. His love life has been on hold since his high school sweetheart walked out on him, and being assigned to monitor other people’s e-mail as the “Internet Security Officer,” Lincoln finds himself entertained by other people’s drama. Eavesdropping on the e-mail conversation of two woman, Lincoln starts to develop an affection for one of them and struggles with feeling guilty for such. And instead of flagging the inappropriate interaction between Beth and her best friend Jennifer, Lincoln decides to stay quiet.

I was immediately drawn into the story, feeling much like I was eavesdropping myself. Beth and Jennifer’s conversations were real, lively and often times humorous, exploring the complications of what real love relationships look like. I thought Rowell did a good job at creating Lincoln’s character, although he wasn’t entirely likable, I enjoyed feeling sorry for the guy and the backstory made me understand why he was in such a difficult place. I enjoyed watching Lincoln’s character develop, which made for a sweetly satisfying ending.

I recommend this story for anybody looking to escape into somebody else’s drama for a while. The struggles of these characters were relatable, which created a story that really worked.