51pxqcrcx0l-_sx412_bo1204203200_The story begins with unfortunate circumstances for young Harry Potter. After the untimely death of both parents, Harry finds himself under the care of an aunt and uncle who treat him unfavorably, while doting on their own obnoxious son. Harry does not realize he holds incredible power and clout in an unseen world awaiting his arrival. The rescue from a likable giant prepares Harry for enrollment into the school of wizardry, where he learns not only about his parent’s fame, but also his own.

Once on school grounds, the admiration of peers and the special treatment of faculty prepare Harry for the list of foes awaiting his special powers. Written with likable characters and delicious prose, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone delights the reader with the first book in a series sure to keep the pages turning.

This book came highly recommended to me, and I enjoyed it enough to recommend it for anybody looking to settle in for a masterful story. Rowling has created a story world I look forward to visiting again and again. I plan on sprinkling a little magic in by adding the rest of the books to my current reading list. Harry Potter’s world is definately one worth visiting.