imagesEleven-year-old Melody has been fascinated by words since the moment she could hear them. Their definitions and cadence, the bouncing of syllables and often-times duplicitous meanings have held her captive. But ironically, the one truly held captive has been Melody’s body through the confinement of a wheelchair and the misbehavior of her central nervous system. While Melody has heard more words than anybody would be able to count, she has not been able to speak a single one.

Until now. One miraculous discovery finally provides her with a voice.

This technological advancement gives Melody a chance to interact with her classmates for the first time. And through a series of plot twists, we discover that melody not only understands other people and wants to communicate with them, we also find out that she exceeds the intelligence of most of her classmates. It is clear that Draper has spent countless hours researching this character, because Melody’s personality jumps right off of every page. And while most readers will not be able to relate to the physical limitations of Melody’s character, I found myself relating to the frustration of being misunderstood. This provided an immediate connection for me.

This book was an absolute delight, and the end provided a twist that had me shouting into the quiet of my own bedroom. Fully satisfying and life-altering, this story comes with my high recommendation. I look forward to reading more of Draper’s work.