room-1Jack and his Ma have been kidnapped and they are trapped in the backyard of their perpetrator. Jack, being a result of this man’s abuse, is oblivious to the torment inflicted on his mother. The entire story it told through the eyes of this 5 year old little boy, and the author educates the reader through somebody who is not yet able to understand what he is seeing. It’s absolutely brilliant.

This unique perspecitve provides this story with a fresh curiosity right from the start. She introduces the reader to a very limited POV, then slowly branches out, peeling away the whereabouts in small layers. This style mirrors the book’s setting, another amazing literary device, and once the stakes are introduced, any reader will have a hard time putting the book down.

A new empathy sprouted inside of me from reading this piece, and I will never look at abduction the same way again. I thought the story played out realistically, and while the plot line ended up being more about the emotional and psychological ramifications, I still clung to every sensory detail.

I recommend this book for anybody who is looking to read a heartwarming story about a young mother who is determined to make everything as normal as possible for her little boy, in a not-so-normal world.

Have you read an adult novel from a child’s perspective? If so, what was your experience of it like?