josiahs-fireParents Joe and Tahni Cullen delight in the wonder of inviting their brand new son into the family. All seems normal at first, but right when Josiah is supposed to be developing words, he develops an aloofness instead. This behavior sends the family on the difficult journey of trying to put a name to the ambiguity.

After years of evaluations and tests, Autism Spectrum Disorder is what the professionals label Josiah with. And as his parents work to connect with their son, their hopes are dashed as they wrestle with his limited communication and poor social skills. As they grieve the loss of their original dreams and struggle to absorb the limitations of this diagnosis, Josiah surprises them with a rare form of communication. This miracle appears to happen by accident as he begins typing messages into the family’s iPad. It turns out that Josiah has so much more to communicate than a young boy’s thoughts and aspirations. Through a floodgate of messages, he becomes heaven’s mouthpiece.

Written with unconventional honesty, Josiah’s Fire is sure to enhance a reader’s understanding of heaven and what it means to hear God’s voice. A young boy’s prolific prose grabs a reader’s attention and doesn’t let go. I highly recommend this book for anybody who has wondered why God allows difficult things to come into our lives. This story proves that miracles do still happen when we are willing to lay aside our preconceived notions, and open our hands to the beauty of God’s amazing plan.