rush-of-heavenIt is a rare thing to be invited into the intimate undertaking of another person’s day. With a personality so delightfully real and relatable, Ema McKinley starts with the honest-to-God horror of an accident that left her in crippling pain, and she finishes with the jaw-dropping truth of God’s rescue.

It was an ordinary work day when everything changed for McKinley. An accident left her dangling for hours, sending her body into the kind of response that would invite years of indescribable pain and debilitation. Yet still, she saw God’s hand every crooked step of the way, because she chose to. As a reader, I was taken through each torturous turn, feeling in my own heart the hopelessness of the situation. All the while, McKinley’s faith was only strengthened through the darkness. And as a result, so was mine.

This is the true miracle.

I highly recommend this story for anybody who has had to face the unfair trappings of life as we know it. This story jumps off the page with spunk and resilience. Rush of Heaven left me with a new appreciation for a couple of things. One being that I will never take walking or standing upright for granted again. Two being the churning of my own faith after being given the privilege of walking alongside of somebody who has witnessed a miracle from Jesus himself.