Welcome to my website! I’m so happy you decided to drop by. As an avid reader, an aspiring freelance editor and a budding novelist, I hope to provide you with an honest look at what it means to embrace the process of becoming. On the pages of this website, you will see what the unedited version of becoming a writer is supposed to look like.

I do not have a perfectly polished list of writing credits—yet, nor have I completed all of my editorial and coaching training. But what I do have is an awareness of where I’m standing, and a heart that yields itself daily to the One who can take me where He’s always destined for me to go!

I’ve been encouraged by industry professionals to put a website together, but have yet to obtain the sparkling credits one would use to showcase bestselling books or to draw editorial clients. In that case what is somebody like me, who is still in the process of becoming, to do? With a handful of published articles and devotions under my belt, is it really even fair for me to call myself a writer?

Now, for the sake of believing that I will eventually arrive someday, (although the “arrival” marker seems to change all the time), I am choosing to embrace the titles of writing coach, freelance editor and novelist because these are the seeds that have been planted deep down inside of my heart. I can’t tell you the exact day it happened, or what it looked like when I finally took hold of the notion. But what I can tell you is that my relationship with the Lord has had everything to do with it. I have seen with my own eyes the incredible ways He has demolished walls and parted waters for the artist within. And I am going to spend the rest of my days honoring this new awareness.

Coaching, collaborating and composing are three of the ways I aspire to pour back into a writing industry that has already given me so much. Finding redemption in unlikely places, I aspire to write, edit and publish stories that will bring enlightenment and healing.

As a work in progress, I have a healthy understanding of the lofty goals I wish to attain. You are welcome to visit my blog titled A Lingering Look at Literature to see some of the great books I’ve had the privilege of picking up. These are authors who have broken through the cocoon of becoming, in order to sparkle as a well-crafted artist would.

Every person who still has breath has a story to tell. And every writer has to start somewhere. I consider this a starting point for me. I’d love to hear about where you are on your journey, and I hope to be of service to you either now, or in my own blossoming future.

My own journey will always be a work in progress. And because of God’s healing grace, it breathes redemption.